“It’s a real time saver.”

Douglas BehnkeClintonville, WI

“It makes our work so much faster and easier.”

Timothy BowersMarion, WI

“My wife, Diane, runs the chopper and I can hire older people to haul because it is so easy now!”

Donald KonradMaiden Rock, WI

“The hitches have made a huge difference! They have made switching wagons simple, and fast. Thanks for the  great time-saver!”

Eldon Boswell
Eldon BoswellNevada, IA

“Agri-Speed Hitches have proven to be a great investment for our custom harvesting business. We are very pleased with the efficiency and convenience that the hitches provide.”

J&D Custom HarvestingSalisbury, PA

“The hitches are so simple to use, I can’t imagine hooking and unhooking wagons without them. The hitches eliminate anyone climbing on and off the tractor to lift the heavy wagon poles. It is much safer and saves time. I think that everyone who uses wagons should have them.”

Eldon Boswell
Bill CouserNevada, IA

“I talked to Mike Bergman in June and he said to try it on my bale trailer for first crop hay. If you don’t like it. Send it back. No hassle. Picking up about 1000 (large round) bales was actually fun. I told my wife ‘I have to buy this it’s GREAT’. I now have these on 6 wagons, 2 tractors, and my pickup. During silo filling time it went from 5 times to 2 times off the tractor per load. Thanks, Mike!”
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Doug Matzeh
Doug MatzehMaiden Rock, WI