Product Pictures

Agri-Speed Hitch

Chopper hitch has a wider "V" guide to make the hitch easier to operate and comes with a longer release cable (30').

Agri-Speed Hitch

Tractor hitch has a little narrower "V" 
guide and comes with a 10' cable.

Agri-Speed Hitch

A pickup hitch is the same as tractor hitch except it comes with a longer 15' cable to route to the cab.

Agri-Speed Hitch

Wagon units come in Pin size 1", 1 1/8",
1 1/4", 1 3/8" and adjust to fit wagon tongues up to  5 1/4 in width.

Simple Drawbar Mount

Easy To Operate At All Hours

PTO Compatible



Increases Efficiency

Turns Sharp

Compatible with Choppers

Build Like A Tank

Works Well in Tandem 
with a Bale Spear

The Agri-Speed Hitch can easily pull more than D.O.T. allows on the high-way